100% recyclable packaging, 100% made from corn starch (PLA), down-size 60% from general toothbrush, 100% reusable handle (of course, it is 100% recyclable too)

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A+ qualities

A+ qualities

6061 aluminum alloy, PLA(Polylactic Acid), anti-abrastion paints with RoHS/REACH compliants

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Simple design

Simple design

less is more

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be Yourself

be Yourself

the combination of the colors is infinite, we provide laser engrave service which allows you to add upto 6 letters/numbers on the handle

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What we do

  • Reduce Waste

    Reducing 60% of product size and packaging will also improve the carbon footprint dramatically

  • Recycle

    We do our best to use recyclable materials to our product as much as possible

  • Safety

    The paint for coating does have RoHS and REACH compliants. It is easy to clean, anti-fingerprint, and stronger than anodized

  • Build Your Own

    You can collect different color/design handles and create your own combination

  • No Power

    Save power and save our planet


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What does Smiti mean?

Smiti comes from the words "Smile" and "Teeth". We wish everyone can live in an E.A.S.Y. and happy life.

How can we recycle the toothbrush heads?

The bristles are made out of Nylon 612 which is a recyclable material and the brush head is made of PLA material which is also recyclable and can be composted. Nowadays, the PLA products can be recycled several ways. However, PLA must be kept separate when recycled, because it is of different origin than regular plastic. Thus, you have to cut the bristles before recycle the PLA brush head. Then, recycle the bristles with other regular plastic. The other way is after cutting the bristles, you can compost the head in your garden. Although it may take longer to compost the product than in an industrial composting facility, it takes much less time than the regular plastic.

How often should we change the toothbrush head?

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you replace your toothbrush approximately every three to four months, or sooner if the bristles are frayed.

Where can I get the new Smiti toothbrush heads?

Currently, the new Smiti toothbrush heads can be purchased on our official website and later on

Is there any new color available for the toothbrush head or handle?

Black and White are our basic colors and will be available at all times. For the crowdfunding campaign, we will launch an exclusive color - Rose for people who support us at the beginning of our business. Later, we will keep releasing new colors and limited edition colors. These information will be posted on our website.

How does Subscription work?

Once signed up you will receive 1 complete set and will be charged $4.99. Every 3 months we will send you a new brush head charging $4.99

How long will it take my order to arrive?

We partner with the United States Postal Service, Canada Post, and the major parcel carriers to get your brush to you quickly. That typically takes about 5-10 business days, and you can always track it by visiting your Profile, or using the Shipping Confirmation email that we send as soon as your order heads out into the world